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Omniclip™ - Adjustable Nail Clipper

Omniclip™ - Adjustable Nail Clipper

Omniclip™ - Adjustable Nail Clipper

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There is no reason to have uneven nails anymore


Omniclip™ is a game changer for your nail look! Our innovative nail clipper gives you a precise, quick and consistent way of trimming your nails to the length of your choosing!

You don’t have to eyeball it any longer, the rotatable circle stand clips nails to the exact length of the previous to make your nail look gorgeous, even and always professional!


Professional trimming - Getting your nails evened out shouldn't be a hassle, Omniclip™ gives you a consistent way of precise trimming!

Perfect your nail look - Now you don’t have to choose between short or uneven nails, easily clip them to the length of your choice!

No cleanup required - Tired of cleaning the mess after each nail trim, Omniclip’s protective cover makes sure no nail flies off!

Omniclip™ is the ultimate choice - Whether you wish to trim your real or fake nails, Omniclip™ can help you make each as lovely as the rest!

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