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ThrowGo™ - Alloy Car Trash Bin

ThrowGo™ - Alloy Car Trash Bin

ThrowGo™ - Alloy Car Trash Bin

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The go-to bin for your car

There is no good place to store the trash when you are on the road. You don’t have to compromise with your comfort, ThrowGo™ can keep your interior free of trash and subsequent smells.

It fits easily all around the interior and has enough space to accommodate every passenger. ThrowGo™ doesn’t let any smells or liquids slip out once you put them inside.

Car Trash Bin Alloy Garbage Can


Keep it clean - Don’t let the trash in your car pile beside your feet, store it in ThrowGo to keep your interior neat and tidy!

Right beside you - Easily fit ThrowGo™ in the cup dispenser or any other compartment next to you for seamless access!

Refreshing atmosphere - Ride comfortably without having to endure nasty odors from the trash. Nothing leaks out of ThrowGo!

ThrowGo™ is the ultimate choice - Create a seamless solution to your trash troubles inside your car and you’ll never have to clean up after!

Car Trash Bin Alloy Garbage Can

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